Can we dance?

I don’t know, CAN YOU? Actually, we try to keep the dancing away from the front of the stage, as your sweet moves may interfere with what we’re trying to do ON stage. **ADDENDUM** Now, if you happen to find yourself at a wedding reception where there is a defined dance floor, dance your FACE […]

My friend in our group is celebrating a (birthday, anniversary, engagement, new job, tattoo removal, retirement, ‘enhancement’, divorce, etc…) How do I get them recognized by The Guys so everyone at the event can know that they are celebrating something?

Well, you can fill out a request slip and say “Person’s Name is having a (anniversary/birthday/retirement/new job/etc). Please bring them up and embarass them!” ******* DISCLAIMER ******** Doing so starts a series of events resulting with The Guys bringing sed person up at some point throughout the show, announce the stated milestone, and most likely […]

Is this show kid friendly?

Community shows are traditionally safe – however, every NEW Piano Guys dueling show is different, please check with the venue and show description to use your best judgement.

What’s that smell?

As mentioned before – most likely it’s the sweating, or possibly the ‘rotten’ song request.